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Why limited print runs? Will you be printing more of the items marked as “sold out”?

Simple answer: maybe. Letterpress is a slow, meticulous process…and I’m a one-man business. All prints are hand-set, and individually hand-pressed. Because each print is made by hand, the total number of prints made (print runs) is limited in quantity. If a listed item is out of stock, or marked as “sold out” on the website, it will possible be reprinted and restocked. Or, it may just never be printed again.

If you would like to inquire about an out-of-stock item or items that have been offered previously, please contact me. I will reply to your inquiry as quickly as possible, but make no promises as to the availability of any items listed as “sold out.” Alternatively, you can sign up for the mailing list below…you’ll be the first to know about new items, reprints, and other badass stuff available on the site.

What about shipping? When will my order ship? And, why is shipping so costly?

Most orders will ship within 2–3 business days (Monday—Friday), upon receipt. Please keep in mind that mailing time may vary depending on the destination. Once your order ships, you will receive an email confirming shipment.

The cost for shipping covers the actual postage cost and the packaging. Trust that I am not making a profit on postage fees. Any fees above postal rates covers the cost of shipping materials.

I realize that postage rates are not cheap, but I have no control over market rates. To keep costs as low as possible, and to protect your items in transit, I typically use bubble mailer envelopes or rigid (cardboard) mailer envelopes. These items are charged at “package” rates by the US Postal Service. Also, items shipped within the USA are shipped with a USPS tracking number to ensure and track delivery. For orders that have shipping charges over eight dollars with a destination within the United Stated, items are shipped via USPS Priority 2-Day Mail.

I could ship at cheaper rates (i.e., media mail) but that is a headache for you and for me. Trust me on this one. Media mail takes much longer to arrive, and does not provide any type of tracking.

Do you ship outside the United States?

Shipping to destinations outside the USA is available. Please note that shipping prices for locations outside the United States can vary widely, but most items from this store can be shipped within the $12–16 USD range.

Note: any duties, tariffs, and taxes charged by customs for international shipping within your country are the sole responsibility of you, the buyer. I do not offer refunds or reimbursements for these costs. Please check your country’s postal policies before purchasing.

Can I get a print in a different color? What about different paper colors?

Short answer: probably not. Prints in the store are ocassionally offered with a choice of ink colors or paper colors. To be honest, I don’t like to do custom orders. Good news: there are numerous letterpress printers who do amazing custom work. If you’ve really got a hard-on for some custom work, contact me and I’ll give you some leads to those badass printers.

Do you offer wholesale?

No. I simply do not have an economy of scale. My profit margins are so slim that I cannot offer a wholesale discount price.

Why so pricey?

Each print is composed and printed by hand. It takes time and patience to produce, like all good things. And, time is money.

Quality paper is also a big part of the expense. And, I do not operate on an economy of scale. I’m not in this for the money. I’m in it because I enjoy the process. I enjoy printing. I like to create with metal and wood type, and with vintage print blocks. Unlike using a digital program to create a layout, there is nothing virtual about the print work I do. Letterpress produces results you can see and feel. For example, the ink saturation on each print will vary slightly, making each print unique. Some call it craftsmanship, but it takes a lot of fucking time, and money. You might argue that’s nothing, and you may also be right.


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